11 rules for black people who want to build personal wealth By Dr.Boyce Watkins

    1. Never get all your income from one source. When you get all of your money from one source, you are economically vulnerable in case that source dries up.
    2. Never go through life without adequate training and education. Running away from education effectively means that you’re running right toward slavery.
    3. Never allow yourself to become addicted to money. If you allow yourself to become someone who worships money, you have basically watered down your entire existence, Just look at some of the ignorant rappers
    4. Never allow racist….people to define or validate you. Don’t define your success by a fancy position at a big corporation. These carrots will eventually be used to control you.
    5. Avoid allowing yourself to go deep into debt, especially for the wrong reasons. Debt is not always a bad thing. But too much debt can leave you crippled and vulnerable. Only accept debt for a good reason.

  1. Always save your money, no matter what. Everyone can save, I don’t care how broke you are. Always save your money so that your money can save you.
  2. Always think like an investor. Learn the basics of investing, not just saving. They are not the same thing.
  3. Find a way to own something. Ownership is the pathway to becoming rich…
  4. Never allow yourself to be infected with the disease of laziness. Hard work can make dreams come true. Laziness will always leave you behind the competition.
  5. Choose your mate and family situation wisely. Marrying the wrong person is a great way to go broke. Child support and single parenthood are financial killers as well.
  6. Avoid the legal system if at all possible. Lawyers are expensive. Don’t give them all your money. Also, a criminal record effectively locks you out of the legal system.

(Source: FinancialJuneteenth.com)

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