Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life. By Perrii

“Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that.
Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.”
– Martin Luther King Jr.

“What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow: our life is the creation of our mind.” —The Dhammapada

If you are able to manage your mind, you will make a change. If not, change will manage you.

What is your current thinking? What is your belief? If you want to move from the place where you are, simply change your thinking and belief; not 99% but 100%.

Once you believe something 100% you start attracting everything that is required to make that happen. It includes money, people, and opportunities.

The moment you overcome your limiting beliefs, you start seeing a newly emerging world before you.

How and why?

Everything- for example, body or thought- is energy. Different energies vibrate at different frequencies. Higher and higher frequencies may not be visible or audible. Inability to see or hear does not eliminate one’s existence. Thus when you are open to different new ideas and possibilities, inner resistance immediately disappears. That opens the door for a new world or new reality.

So what stands between you and your new world?

It’s your our own resistance. Allow that to go.


Have a plan or know what you want. Then act upon it as if you are not concerned about the outcome. It means that you act as if you are unattached to it. Focus on “what you want” and not, “what you do not want”

Make your choices from a place of love and not out of fear.

How to apply these in your day to day life? Is this your question?

Here’re the steps

STEP 1 is a step towards peace of mind. Protect yourself and your family from all known and unknown adverse financial circumstances, within your means. Being aware of it and taking steps actually give you immense peace of mind. What are they?

  • Money to cover basic needs
  • Your own roof (home) over the head
  • Risk protection mechanism in place to deal with unknown life events

STEP 2 is passive income. Stop working for money. Let the money work for you! It has worked that way for several imaginative people. That’s why Albert Einstein said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge”

Where can I find my passive income? If this is your question, here’s the answer.

You can find passive income in

  • Real Estate
  • Business
  • Investments &
  • Internet


I can show you when we get connected. But don’t forget to ask me about this.

STEP 3 is perpetual income. It means a continuous flow of income without any interruption.

Will it happen?

Yes; it will. First, you have to achieve success in step 1 & 2. Then you have to understand, how you achieved it. Capture the steps of your own success and then systematize it and repeat. Systematizing step 1 and 2 creates step 3.

Finally, here’s a mantra to achieve what you want: “Conceive, Believe and Act”. In the beginning, it is imagination (conceive) but the subtle power of repeated imagination (Belief) turns it into a reality when you act. Your imagination and belief combined with your willingness to act get you all the required resources, contacts, and everything.

Let’s connect. Let me help you to unlock the doors to your own fortune.

Perrii Muthuraman is a wealth and life coach.  His email :; Phone: 416 473 6100

Actionable Ideas

  1. Conceive what you want. You are limited by your own imagination only.
  2. Believe what you imagined is achievable. Believe it consciously and unconsciously.
  3.  Nature will bring the required resources, contacts, and everything to you sooner or later.
  4. Grab the opportunities and act.  we can summarize all in 3 words: Conceive, Believe, and Act.
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