Changing Life Stages and Goals By Perrii Muthuraman

Goals in life often change.

What are your current goals?

Here’re some goals stated by a few people. I want:

  • To be the best husband (or wife or father or mother) that I can be.
  • To die with no loans/regrets.
  • To contribute to the world with no sadness or pain
  • To be completely free
  • To be wealthy and famous, and happy.

As you go through the different stages of life, you’ll have different goals you want to reach. At each stage, money (or finance) makes an impact, and you have to deal with it if you’re going to achieve those goals. And at some point, some may realize that money is not everything in life.

My long association with money, mainly as a banker and contacts with many masters made me understand the various degrees of human emotions and behaviors; all of which lead me to pursue a career of helping people with wealth and growth combined with peace and happiness. I feel honored and blessed when I help others to get in touch with their inner power and personal greatness.

Here I list the general pattern of goals in various stages of life and some suggested financial solutions. I hope it can help you plan your life:

Post Secondary Years (ages 17 to 25 generally)

Life Goals

  • Post-secondary education
  • Acquiring various skills for a career
  • Part time or seasonal or full-time employment
  • Finding a life partner
  • Buying a car and other consumer items

Financial Solutions

  • Student loan
  • Get one credit card, if possible, to build your credit history
  • Pay off credit card balances in full every month
  • Develop a habit of savings
  • Apply for a line of credit, when you get a full-time job.
  • Pay off student loan (and any other loans) as quickly as possible.
  • Never miss a payment
  • Learn to live frugally

Career building years (ages 26 to 39 generally)

Life Goals:

  • Marriage
  • Buying a Home
  • Children
  • Reducing taxes
  • Starting a Business

Financial Solutions:

  • Have Protection (Insurance)
  • Buy a Home
  • Find surplus & start investing
  • Create Cashflow
  • Manage Risks
  • Pay off debts
  • Build wealth

Pre-retirement years (40 to 60/65 generally)

Life Goals:

  • Getting ready for your retirement and new ventures.
  • Supporting your children (education, marriage, etc.)

Financial Solutions:

  • Harvest or liquidate some assets when cash is needed
  • Grow your savings by compounding when you don’t need money.

Retirement years (over 60/65 generally)

Life Goals:

  • Excellent health
  • An active lifestyle
  • Dream vacation
  • Volunteer/part time work
  • Spiritual and charitable activity/work.

Financial Solutions:

  • Turn your retirement savings and pension into income
  • Plan and manage cash flow and taxes
  • Review your will and estate periodically

When you discover your purpose in life, more than the goals in various stages of life, you become a better version of yourself.

I discovered my purpose in life is to serve my clients and others as a wealth and life coach and to become part of their success.

After many years of helping family, friends, and customers, I firmly believe that anyone can overcome their struggles and create a change in their life. All that one needs is a vision with a compelling reason, a plan to move forward, act for the change and see the betterment in life.

Actionable Idea:

Think of your life goals and financial solutions and compare it with the model presented here.

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